Miss Spellbound's Suitcase Stories

"Her visit was my favorite thing this week. I liked the tornado best."

"I had a lovely time when Miss Spellbound came to school. It was so much fun. I wonder if the stories are real? Like the fairy dust and snozcumber from BFG, hehehe. It was the best day ever so far in year 2."

Miss Spellbound's Suitcase Stories is an imaginative story making workshop for Key Stage 1.

Miss Spellbound takes children on a ‘story journey’. Prompts in the form of ‘story ingredients’ found in Miss Spellbound’s Suitcase are used to help children to create characters and a narrative that takes the hero on an emotional and/or physical journey from which they emerge changed in some way.

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School bookings are now being taken for 2016. Bookings are now being taken for next half term and 2016. If you'd like Miss Spellbound to visit your school, please contact Miss Spellbound's non-magical helper, Alex O'Toole at alex@fablearts.org.uk

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