The Archive of Ageing

The Archive of Ageing is a programme of creative exploration into ageing and the issues facing older people and our future society. We created the programme in response to Pfizer's research about the world's ageing population and, on a local level, the research undertaken by Lancashire County Council about the demographic shift that will take place in Fylde over the next thirty years. 

This research shows that in 2041 the population of Fylde will have increased to just over 83,000 and 67% will be aged 65 or older. This means 685 people out of every 1000 people in Fylde by 2041 will be of state pension age. By 2030, the number of adults in Fylde over 85 years of age will have doubled.

More people living longer than ever before brings more later-life health problems and increases in social isolation and issues around the mental health and emotional wellbeing of older residents, but it also opens up an opportunity to change the way we think about being old that will have an a huge impact on society, both socially and economically.

The central focus of The Archive of Ageing is to use creativity to rethink this stage of life and to explore what living well might mean for the growing fourth generation and the over 65's of the future with the intention of identifying what measures we can take individually, and as a community, to help us stay healthy, mobile, productive and comfortable into our extended old age. 

Click on the links below to learn more about individual projects within the Archive of Ageing programme:

Dare To Be Great: Living with Dementia - a collaboration with Clifton Hospital and Lytham Festival.

Wonder-Full: The impact of on-ward creativity on long term in-patients at Clifton Hospital, Lytham.

Oldtopia: The Future of Old - a collboration with Blackpool and Fylde College




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